Company Profile
HUGUANG——Connecting the world;Where there are cars,there are HUGUANG harnesses

Core values

Taking the laborer as the foundation,taking customer satisfaction as the goal,we will share the honor and disgrace of the people in Shanghai and develop together with the cooperators.


In order to revitalize the industry of the Chinese nation,it has established its own school and added fuel to the flames.

Brand concept

Every employee carries the brand,every behavior is associated with the brand,and every case shows the brand.

Abide by the fundamentals and principlesdecent work
  • Face yourself
    Humility and pragmatism

  • Face the work
    Humility and pragmatism

  • Face the problem
    Seek truth from facts

  • Face difficulties
    For challenges

  • Face industry
    Pursuit of excellence

  • Face a colleague
    Full of enthusiasm

  • Face the task
    Never satisfied

  • Facing the enterprise
    Be willing to dedicate

  • Face the family
    Respect for filial piety

  • Face the society
    Profit feedback

Sustainable Development

Environmental protection and safety

Responaible purchasing

Social responsibility

TEL:86-512-57222222 FAX:86-512-57421311 Company address:No. 388 Huguang Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan Shares:605333
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