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HV Harness


Special wiring harness customized for new energy vehicles.

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  • Engine Harness -------------------Arranged on the engine body of the car for connecting the engine controller and engine sensors.
  • KSK Harness -------------------Customized special harness for customer's vehicle customization needs.
  • Door Harness-------------------Arranged in the door panel or back cover area to realize the control function of the door panel and the back cover.
  • HV Harness-------------------Special wiring harness customized for new energy vehicles.
  • Front cabin harness-------------------------------------It is arranged in the front compartment area of the car and is used to connect the body control system, headlights, fans and other electrical appliances in the front compartment area.
  • Instrument harness---------------------------------It is located in the instrument area of the car, which is used to connect the driving system, entertainment system, air conditioning system and other electrical appliances.
  • Cable Harness--------------------------------------------It is located in the area around the car battery to transfer the power and grounding of the car.
  • ABS wire harness------------------------------------------It is located in the four-wheel area of the car and is used to connect the injection line between the body stabilization system and the sensor.
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