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Huguang Pioneer Character Exhibition-Qiu Xiaofeng, Product Development Department

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日期: 2019-02-25

In 2012, Qiu Xiaofeng officially joined Huguang, engaged in SYS engineer, CUV project coordination, engineering manager and other positions. In every position, he is conscientious, united and cooperative, focusing on the interests of the company and customers, responding positively to customer needs, and giving full play to the role and value of his position!

Huguang Pioneer Character Exhibition-Qiu Xiaofeng, Product Development Department

On weekdays, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the projects in charge, Qiu Xiaofeng often runs between Shanghai and Kunshan. Even on weekends, we can still see his busy figure. When a customer finds a problem on the production site, he rushes to the site as soon as possible to think about what the customer wants and what the customer needs. He will work with all parties to study and formulate the solution to the problem in the shortest time. His meticulous and conscientious work attitude and sense of responsibility not only won the high praise of customers, but also won the honor for huguang! 

Huguang Pioneer Character Exhibition-Qiu Xiaofeng, Product Development Department

In May 2018, emergency problems were found at the customer production site. Knowing this situation, Qiu Xiaofeng rushed to the customer production site at the first time. In three days, he spared no effort to cooperate with the customer to carefully and repeatedly investigate the causes of the problems. Finally, it is confirmed that the cause of the problem has nothing to do with our wiring harness, but Qiu Xiaofeng is still dedicated to helping customers successfully solve this problem.

In huguang, Qiu Xiaofeng silently devoted nearly eight years, and handed in excellent answers in his job. He also gained the honor he deserved, realized the value of life, and also gained precious friendship among colleagues. His most unforgettable work experience is that his colleagues always cooperate sincerely, work side by side, overcome difficulties together, showing a strong sense of team execution and intimate cooperation, such friendship and atmosphere, often touched him, but also gave him the incentive to climb and move forward!

We look forward to the emergence of more pioneers like Qiu Xiaofeng in Huguang, who are brave enough to shoulder and overcome all kinds of difficulties in their work and are extraordinary in their ordinary lives.

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