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The third "Huguang Cup" table tennis friendly competition was held successfully.

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日期: 2018-09-17

On September 15th, sponsored by our company, the third 'Huguang Cup' table tennis friendly match organized by the Kunshan Mental Health Center was successfully held at the Bacheng Culture and Sports Center in Kunshan City!

On the basis of the two successful sessions in the past, the scale and influence of the third 'Huguang Cup' table tennis friendly match continued to rise. Suzhou Guangji Hospital, Taicang Third People's Hospital, Zhangjiagang Fourth People's Hospital, Changshu Third People's Hospital, Kunshan Mental Health Center and other Suzhou Mental Health and Medical Institutions Team and our team participated in the competition!

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In the table tennis hall of the Bacheng Culture and Sports Center in Kunshan City, the players participating in the competition are in accordance with the principle of 'friendship first, competition second', strictly observe discipline, obey the referee, and invest in the game with full spirit and enthusiasm., will play their own level to the fullest. On the court, direct shots, horizontal shots, fastening balls, rotating balls, arc balls, etc. have all been reflected one by one. Each contestant is extraordinary in his ability to display superb skills in continuous offensive and defensive transitions, making the game not only beautiful, but also full of suspense. From time to time, win the audience shouting!

Finally, after intense and fierce competition, our team, Kunshan Mental Health Center team and Suzhou Guangji Hospital team won the top three teams respectively. Participants not only enjoy the unlimited fun of sports, but also in the competition out of style, competition out of the standard, showing their own style!

Through the successful holding of this table tennis friendship tournament, it not only promotes the communication and communication between the staff and workers of each participating unit, shortens the distance between each other, but also allows everyone to relax and rest fully after busy work. In the future, it will be more full of the state of mind into learning and work!

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