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Huguang sent to the high-temperature frontline workers to send cool and caring

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日期: 2018-08-15

Since August, the continuous high temperature weather in Kunshan has continued to show the high temperature 'steam curing' mode, which is extremely hot. For some people, when the temperature is high, they can choose not to stay out in the air-conditioned room, or go swimming, cool and so on, but for people engaged in traffic police, city management, fire fighting and other special work, even if the weather is hot, they also want to stay with the sun, adhere to the high temperature meticulous work, take a glass of boiled water as Summer is sweaty, sweaty, sweaty, and they have worked harder this summer than we thought.

In order to express respect and concern to the workers who adhered to the high temperature, on the morning of August 14, Huguang joined several members of the Kunshan Zhangpu Chamber of Commerce to enter the Kunshan Zhangpu traffic police, city management, firefighting and other units in the hot summer. They sent them to the summer cooling supplies, thanking them for their outstanding contributions to Kunshan's urban economic development and maintaining social stability and security!

While the company has achieved vigorous development, Huguang has not forgotten its initial intentions, has always actively practiced corporate social responsibility, adhered to the 'face to society, rewards and feedback' code of conduct and ideas, and promoted the harmonious development of society. In the future, Huguang will be more active in social welfare and charity, promote corporate culture, practice corporate social responsibility, and constantly feed back the society, bringing more happiness and warmth to the society and transmitting more positive energy!

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