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Huguang Auto Electric Yizheng company skills competition successfully launched

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日期: 2018-07-31

In order to further improve the position and skills of the front-line staff, stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of the employees to study the post skills, and to excavate and cultivate the reserve force of the enterprise, and make full preparation for the rapid development of the enterprise and the substantial increase of the order by the customers, the Huguang Auto Electric Yizheng company has organized 2018 carefully. Annual workshop job skills competition has attracted the active participation of front-line production staff.

Fair competition, fair evaluation, public display, in order to ensure the successful development of this skill competition and to maximize the ability to discover skilled staff, before the development of the skills competition, the Yizheng Corporation, the production department, the quality office set up the competition support group, the executive group and the decision group, and clear the coordination of their respective division of labor. The effective use of various resources, from the allocation of active resources, funds in place and the implementation of the logistics support work, to the competition process control, the field order maintenance and performance summary publication, and the results of the competition project evaluation, competition assistance work in orderly, orderly, so that the front-line participants are fair and reasonable. The environment is an exhibition, and it is a great skill.

Huguang Auto Electric Yizheng company skills competition successfully launched

In the process of organizing the skills competition organization, the staff of the Yizheng company's production department take the group as the unit, first of all the selection and determination of the staff in each group, and the final production teams make the best of the 'high quality, high standard' post and the skill promotion. The interior of the company has caused a great repercussion.

Huguang Auto Electric Yizheng company skills competition successfully launched

Finally, after the fierce competition of several competition days, the Yizheng company skill competition score is 40% of the total result based on the theoretical achievement, and the four actual combat accounts for 60% of the total achievement, which has selected outstanding individuals with both strong theoretical knowledge and skilled practice ability, and issued the corresponding results for them. The honorary certificate and the prize worth thousands of dollars become an example for all the staff to learn and improve.

The successful development of the skill competition of the Huguang automobile electric Yizheng company has provided the talent for the line of production and the stage of showing the elegant demeanor. The staff also exchanged the skills and the martial arts exchanges between the staff and the staff to achieve the purpose of common improvement. At the same time, the repercussions caused by the skill competition also create a strong learning atmosphere in the workshop, which will promote the promotion of the line of business skills of all employees, and will also play a great role in promoting the steady development of various business of Yizheng company.

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