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Company leaders send cool and caring to frontline employees

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日期: 2018-07-24

In the hot summer days, it is hard to bear, especially since it has been in the sun, the sun has continued to roast the earth, and Kunshan is full of heat waves. Under such weather conditions, in order to express respect and care to the 'Huguang people' who fought in the front line, and to do the labor protection work for front-line employees during the high temperature period, promote the implementation of heatstroke prevention and cooling measures to ensure that frontline employees are safe and cool, 7 On the morning of the 20th, the company's chairman Cheng Sanrong, executive vice president Cheng Feng and the company's trade unions and party branch leaders walked into the workshop together to visit and sympathize with the 'Huguang people' who fought in the production line and sent them cool!

Company leaders send cool and caring to frontline employees

Company leaders send cool and caring to frontline employees

In the production workshop of the first factory of Huguang Manufacturing Co., the company’s leaders inquired in detail about the work and living conditions of the frontline staff, expressing their sincere gratitude and lofty spirit for everyone’s enthusiasm for their work and their full working enthusiasm. Pay tribute!

Subsequently, the company's leaders distributed the heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies to the frontline employees, and especially the head of the manufacturing plant and the administrative logistics support department. It is necessary to further strengthen the labor protection, ensure the normal supply of the first-line heatstroke prevention and cooling items, and arrange the operation time reasonably. To ensure the smooth progress of all production work, and strive to create a comfortable and cool working environment for the production line!

Send a cool, send a care! This cool and condolence activity brought the company's care to the staff of the first-line staff of Huguang, which reflected the company's core values of “labor-oriented” and encouraged the morale of the frontline staff to support the “green summer” for the employees. '!

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