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Huguang Auto Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch held fire safety drill

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日期: 2018-07-19

On hot summer days, the issue of fire safety hazards is outstanding. In order to strengthen employees' fire safety awareness, enhance the resilience of emergencies, correctly and standardize the use of fire-fighting equipment, and master the methods of escape and self-rescue, recently, Huguang Auto Electric Ningbo Branch organized fire drills in the factory area!

Huguang Auto Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch held fire safety drill

The fire safety drills are mainly divided into three major items: 1. Fire safety alarm; 2. Safe evacuation when the factory encounters disaster; 3. Fire and fire rescue on the scene, covering fire fighting drills, emergency evacuation, and rescue of injured personnel. most. At the site of the plant, according to the pre-established fire drill program, the employees of all branches of Ningbo Branch fully cooperated to form an evacuation group, a fire-fighting group, a rescue and rescue team, a logistics support group and a broadcasting group to effectively organize and implement the fire safety drills.

As the 'fire' occurred and the live broadcast alarm system sounded, the drill officially kicked off. The broadcast team personnel quickly broadcast the report, inform the staff of the location of the fire, and notify the relevant personnel to evacuate immediately. The on-site staff, under the command of each team leader, evacuated in an orderly manner according to the evacuation route and assembled to the designated location for standby. The fire-fighting team carried the fire extinguisher to the fire position, and the fire extinguisher was used correctly to extinguish the fire source.

Huguang Auto Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch held fire safety drill

After the exercise, all the drillers concentrated on the summary. The exercise command confirmed that all the drillers could respond quickly according to the drill plan, the commander was well commanded, organized and organized, reflecting the actual work requirements and basically meeting the exercise expectations.

In recent years, fire safety accidents have occurred frequently throughout the country, causing heavy losses to the lives and property of the people. At this moment, we are alert to us, we must not only strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility for safety production, but also make the alarm bell ringing. Always tireless, can't be sloppy. Through this fire safety drill, the fire safety awareness of the employees of Ningbo Branch was further strengthened, and the practical skills of escape and self-rescue were enhanced, which laid a solid foundation for safety management and created a harmonious and safe working environment for Ningbo Branch. Good atmosphere!

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