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Huguang automobile electric appliances Ningbo branch holds the third interest sports meeting

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日期: 2018-07-19

Happy sports, happy work, happy life, in the morning of July 12th, the Ningbo branch of Huguang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. converged into a happy ocean, and the third fun games will be staged here. All the most challenging and interesting events have made the staff of nearly 100 people happy in it!

This year's fun games have set up a series of hard work (tug-of-war), one in the standard (darts), dragons and tigers (collective jump rope), bravely forward (crossing the river), live and jump (kangaroo jump), forward six fun sports, full It combines simple, fun, fun and other factors to make all participating employees happy!

Huguang automobile electric appliances Ningbo branch holds the third interest sports meeting

At 9 o'clock in the morning, after the fun games officially started, the 'athletes' participated in various projects with full enthusiasm and high-spirited efforts. Everyone was more united and cooperative than perseverance, morale and speed, and went forward for the honor of the group. The fun and challenging setting of the competition makes every employee who is involved enjoy it and enjoy the sport. The atmosphere is very warm. The laughter and cheers of the staff are on the scene. It has long been a sea of joy.

The advantages of the fun games are not only interesting but also lower the threshold of participation and the higher participation level. The successful holding of the third interesting sports meeting of Ningbo branch of Huguang auto electric appliance company not only improves the enthusiasm of the staff to participate in sports, promotes the good habit of exercising the body, but also fully displays the energetic and healthy spirit of the staff, promotes the communication and communication between the employees, and strengthens the centripetal force and the coagulability. Cohesion!

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