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The competition for the training of the contest, the Huguang 2018 annual assembly skills competition

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日期: 2018-06-26

In order to adapt to the actual needs of Huguang's rapid growth in production and to carry out the post training, to train first-line workers to form a good atmosphere of learning skills and research, and to select a group of post-technical experts to form a demonstration driving effect, Huguang Manufacturing No. 2 Plant The 2018 General Assembly Skills Competition was successfully completed on June 14 after 20 intensive competition days!

The training of skills in military training has been successfully held in Shanghai Light 2018.

The holding of this skill competition has been highly valued by the company's senior leaders, and the multi-sector elites will be deployed to participate in the competition.

Under the premise of ensuring that normal production is not affected, through careful preparation, organization and effective use of various resources, the competition plan formulated by the Skills Competition Organizing Committee is effective, and nearly 100 front-line employees actively participate in the fierce competition of various projects. Really will be the 'high quality, high standard' position training and skill upgrading events, which has caused a great response!

The training of skills in military training has been successfully held in Shanghai Light 2018.

In this skill competition, the assessment of each type of work in the first-line production positions takes into account the theory and practice, and is judged by the practice comparison. Among them, the theoretical test scores accounted for 40% of the total scores, and the practice scores accounted for 60% of the total scores. The evaluation, evaluation criteria of the three practical projects of insertion, dressing and conduction covered the preparation from the hands-on operation to the operation. The various specifications in the process, after the completion of the operation to check the quality of the product, the many details of the evaluation, as well as the judges on-site evaluation and scoring, fully tested the accumulation and proficiency of the first-line employees in the usual work, but also fully highlighted The rigor and professionalism of this skill competition.

The training of skills in military training has been successfully held in Shanghai Light 2018.

The training of skills in military training has been successfully held in Shanghai Light 2018.

Under the on-site supervision of the judges, with the full support and assistance of the staff of the Skills Organizing Committee, the first-line participants participating in the various assessment projects are fully focused on the competition and exert their full strength in the preliminary and rematches, breaking through successively. And refreshing a record, fully demonstrating the superb skill level of the first-line workers in Shanghai and the outstanding style of contemporary workers.

In the end, after 20 intensive competition days, a group of skilled and skilled experts stood out and shined. Among them, Chu Zhaokang from the first-line position of Huguang, Du Xuwen in the first-line bandage, and Sun Xiaohui in the first-line position won the first prize of three projects respectively, and received certificates and bonuses from the company leaders, which won the well-deserved reputation. Honor and recognition!

The successful development of Huguang 2018 Annual General Skills Competition not only stimulated the enthusiasm of the frontline staff and cadres, but also created a good atmosphere of heavy skills and learning technology. It also improved the business level and skills of the participating employees through the training of positions. It has laid a solid foundation for better fulfilling the company's production tasks!

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