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Zhu Baixing, mayor of Yizheng, Yangzhou, and other leaders visited Shanghai to visit.

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日期: 2018-06-15

On the morning of June 13, Yangzhou Yizheng Mayor Zhu Baixing and other leaders visited Huguangshen, Huguang Chairman Cheng Sanrong, and Executive Vice President Cheng Feng and other leaders accompanied Zhu Mayor to visit.


At the symposium held in the four floor conference room of the company's administrative office building, chengsanrong first introduced the business development to the visiting leaders and recalled the sweet and sour experience of the founding of the Huguang Yizheng limited company. At the same time, the municipal government of the Yizheng municipal municipal government has been concerned and supported the hair of the Huguang Yizheng limited company. Show, express our heartfelt thanks!


At the end of the symposium, accompanied by chengsanrong, mayor Zhu Baixing visited Huguang "car harness intelligent factory" in the field, gave a high degree of evaluation, and expressed the successful practice and advanced experience of Huguang in the field of "intelligent manufacturing", and had excellent demonstration and reference for the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry in Yizheng. Significance!

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