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Welcome to the May 1st International Labor Day, Huguang advanced workers show

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日期: 2018-04-28

In the eyes of the leaders and colleagues around him, he is an excellent worker who is willing to work hard, earnest, practical, diligent in research, and strive to improve work efficiency. But in his own opinion, he is engaged in the work of material workers. In addition, he still has too many places to think and improve, such as long-term accumulation of material management work experience and production planning, how to continuously reduce the inventory of warehouses and improve the utilization of materials, thus creating economic benefits for the company.

He is the backbone of the public engineering team from the former project of Huguang Manufacturing No. 2 Factory. He loves his job and bears Yang Junfeng, a material worker who manufactures all the wiring harnesses of the second factory and then goes to the next production process.

Welcome to the May 1st International Labor Day, Huguang advanced workers show

The position of the materialist is a difficult job for many people. The work is complicated, the workload is large and it is very easy to make mistakes. Yang Junfeng deeply loves his job, and he is tireless and devoted all his efforts and enthusiasm. As one, work hard and work hard.

From ensuring the smooth development of production work to avoiding work stoppages, preventing material loss and reducing material inventory costs, basic accounts, cards, and objects, Yang Junfeng is meticulous in every job and strives to do everything possible. Perfection to ensure that the production process of your own control is completed smoothly and accurately connected to the next production process.

Welcome to the May 1st International Labor Day, Huguang advanced workers show

Every day, we can see Yang Junfeng's busy figure moving back and forth in the workshop. He tirelessly pushed the material transport vehicle, first in the automated terminal according to the material requirements filled in the 'semi-finished materials preparation table' to carry out the warehouse, and accurately entered the system according to the actual received quantity, and then transported to the designated location, by the automation equipment Distribute to each worker for welding. After the wire harness is welded, Yang Junfeng will continue to transport these semi-finished products to the next designated position to ensure the smooth connection and progress of the next production process! In this way, Yang Junfeng usually has to go six or seven thousand steps a day, often overwhelming the cover of the WeChat sports leaderboard, so that colleagues and friends are amazed.

With the arrival of the company's wire harness product orders, Shanghai light beam products are always in short supply in the market, which has brought great test to the work of the first-line production department.

In the face of severe and complicated production situation, the first-line manufacturing and manufacturing departments of Huguang are united in the city, and they are facing difficulties, and the Vietnam War is more and more courageous. As the backbone of production, Yang Junfeng responded more actively to the company's call, fulfilled his duties, and often took the initiative to ask for overtime to fight on the front line. Since joining the company in 2015, three military holidays, Yang Junfeng only went home once and reunion with relatives. In the other two Chinese New Year holidays, he did not hesitate to stick to his post and fought in the front line to seize production, to ensure the company during the Spring Festival. The production target task has contributed its greatest strength on time!

Welcome to the May 1st International Labor Day, Huguang advanced workers show

We will not let every employee who is devoted to the job and work hard to be buried. 'Worker-oriented' is the core value of the company that Huguang pursues. It has been firmly practiced by the company for a long time! Yang Junfeng’s outstanding performance in his work has been seen by leaders and colleagues. At the 2018 Huguang New Orle Party and Commendation Conference, he was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Employee” by the company, which is the reward and honor he deserves. !

There is no rhetoric, no earth-shattering great deeds, and some are just the hard work, the spirit of silent dedication and the end of work, never give up, the courage to overcome the difficulties! This is Yang Junfeng, a material worker with rich work experience and diligent enthusiasm. Step by step, he has won the praise of leaders and colleagues with practical actions, and silently contributed his greatest strength to the company!

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