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Cai Baowei went to SAIC-GM Dongyue Powertrain to do "smart manufacturing" communication

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日期: 2018-06-01

On the morning of May 23, invited by SAIC-GM Dongyue Powertrain Co., Ltd., our technical vice president Cai Baowei flew to Yantai, Shandong Province to make in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of “smart manufacturing”. SAIC-GM Dongyue Power About 40 people in the manufacturing, equipment, quality, SQE, and craft departments participated in the exchange meeting.


It is understood that SAIC-GM Dongyue Powertrain is an important part of SAIC-GM Dongyue's production base. By the end of 2017, the cumulative output of SAIC-GM Dongyue Base's powertrain products has exceeded 13 million units, which has injected into the development of SAIC-GM. Powerful. At the same time, SAIC-GM Dongyue Powertrain has been promoting the construction of “smart manufacturing” to promote the development of the company for its own development needs, improving manufacturing quality and improving manufacturing capacity.



SAIC-GM Dongyue Powertrain invited our technical vice president to do the "smart manufacturing" theme exchange. It is because Shanghai Guangguang has continued to exert its strength in the field of "smart manufacturing", not only seized the strategic commanding heights, but also established the transformation first. The advantage is even more rated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a national “Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Demonstration” enterprise!

At the exchange meeting, Cai Baowei, the vice president of technology of our company, shared the overall objectives, planning and implementation steps of the construction of Huguang Intelligent Factory, and carefully answered the questions of the on-site personnel. At the same time, the two sides were interested in the topic of “smart manufacturing”. Conducted in-depth communication and discussion.

In the end, this exchange meeting was successfully concluded in a friendly and warm atmosphere, and achieved remarkable results. It not only deepened the understanding of "smart manufacturing", but also further inspired and opened up the ideas and visions of both sides!

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