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Audi's R & D, procurement and SAIC Volkswagen R & D and procurement management team visited Huguang

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日期: 2018-06-06

On the morning of June 5th, the management team of Audi R&D and Purchasing Department of Germany and the management team of SAIC Volkswagen R&D and Purchasing visited Huguang to carry out the visit and exchange activities. The leaders of Huguang Chairman Cheng Sanrong and related vice presidents warmly received the guests. 


At the symposium, the guests first introduced the main purpose and work content of the visit, and then listened to the chairman of the board, Cheng Sanrong to do a detailed business briefing. After the end of the symposium, the German Audi and SAIC Volkswagen management team began the most important stop of this visit to Shanghai Huguang: visiting the Huguang automobile wiring harness manufacturing workshop on site, and personally feeling the light and beyond the forward-looking vision of the industry. Insights to create a 'smart manufacturing' production system!


As the only Chinese local company to enter the German high-end customized wire harness assembly market, Huguang invested heavily in the creation of the 'automobile wire harness smart factory' in the industry's leading position in the industry, winning the unanimous recognition of the cooperation car giants!

Huguang “Automotive Wire Harness Smart Factory” focuses on four main lines: intelligent plant structure, intelligent R&D design, intelligent production process and intelligent warehousing and logistics. In the research and development of automotive wiring harness, laboratory verification, production process, warehousing logistics, product quality We have been intelligently building in many fields, and have completed the construction of intelligent warehousing and intelligent delivery systems for the whole process of “raw materials – semi-finished products – finished products”, equipment automation, intelligent technology transformation and upgrading, and cutting-edge technology construction of physical laboratories to realize products. The whole process of planning, design, processing and testing is digital and intelligent.

During the visit, the German Audi and SAIC Volkswagen management team raised questions from time to time, and our R&D technical engineers gave detailed and satisfactory answers, so that the atmosphere was in a harmonious and pleasant state from beginning to end!

After the visit, the German Audi and SAIC Volkswagen management team could not help but excitedly and excitedly, and praised the “very good” to our staff. Through translation, Huguang completely subverted their inherent impression of the automobile wire harness manufacturing enterprise. They are very shocked!

At the same time, the two sides conducted full consultation and discussion on the 'globalization' strategy and the layout of the selection point, and reached a consensus!

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