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Huguang Ningbo Branch's outdoor development activities were successfully held

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日期: 2018-04-20

'Spring breeze and the south bank of the Green River', Fangfei April, flowers and flowers, spring is full, is the most beautiful season of the year! Embrace the spring breeze, embrace nature, challenge yourself in sports, relax in sports, enjoy fun in sports, gather strength in sports, and create greater glories!

“Challenging ourselves, smelting the team, concentrating strength, creating brilliance”, from April 14th to 15th, the outdoor development activities of Huguang Auto Electric Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch was successfully held in Ningbo Nanshan Fishing Village Training Base, which was selected from all fronts of the company. More than 50 employees are actively participating in a variety of outdoor development activities!


       The successful development of this outdoor development activity not only allowed the employees of Ningbo Branch to fully release the work pressure, but also fully participated in the colorful outdoor development campaign, showing the youthful spirit of vigorous and high-spirited, and enhanced the sense of solidarity and cooperation among employees. And mutual exchanges and learning have created a good cultural atmosphere for the company to be positive and courageous!

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