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Mr. Cheng Sanrong, Chairman of Huguang, participated in Kunshan to accelerate innovation and transfo

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日期: 2018-04-09

On the morning of February 28th, Kunshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government hosted a conference to accelerate the innovation and transformation and promote high-quality development, and commended 122 advanced enterprises with innovation and transformation including Kunshan Huguang Automobile Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huguang). To award relevant awards to the company.



Among them, Huguang has always focused on the main business of manufacturing, insisted on climbing the rising value chain, and continued to invest heavily in “smart” production transformation. It was rated as “Top Ten Intelligent Transformation Enterprise” in Kunshan City from 2016 to 2017, Director of Huguang Mr. Chang Cheng Sanrong took the stage to accept the award.


Mr. Cheng Sanrong, Chairman of Huguang, also delivered a keynote speech at the conference: Focusing on smart manufacturing and improving project promotion, he pointed out that Huguang has always focused on the main line of intelligent manufacturing operations, insisting on the spirit of “reality” and intensively compiling high-end wire harness segments. And continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to achieve high-quality development of enterprises and quality benefits continue to rise. In the next step, Huguang will further strengthen its confidence, work hard, continue to innovate and seek breakthroughs, and move toward a smarter factory with a more positive attitude.       


After the meeting, the city leaders and entrepreneurs who participated in the meeting took a group photo!

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