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Huguang work model - project management department Zhou Yanling

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日期: 2019-05-01

In June 2015, Zhou Yanling joined the Huguang project management department and became a sample engineer In the eyes of colleagues in other departments, this is a hard job. Because she has to coordinate internal resources, organize review meetings, and record, track and solve the sample points in time. All of these are testing her professional knowledge, communication and coordination ability, teamwork ability and anti-pressure ability!

Huguang work model - project management department Zhou Yanling

In the face of new challenges and difficulties, Zhou Yanling devoted himself wholeheartedly to his post. She seizes the opportunity to consult the leaders and colleagues, make full use of working time to learn and explore, familiarize with and use the sample line management system in the shortest time, and more seize the time after work, go into the production workshop to observe and study, communicate and discuss with colleagues in the development department, and gradually have a deep understanding and mastery of the harness development process and process knowledge.

With hard work, Zhou Yanling gradually succeeded in carrying out her work, but more difficulties and tests came one after another, which also made her constantly improve and transform in her experience. In 2016, Zhou Yanling's project had problems that had not happened before.

Huguang work model - project management department Zhou Yanling


Then Zhou Yanling followed up quickly, working overtime for a week, searching, coordinating and solving problems wholeheartedly. Every day, she checks the progress of the project with her colleagues, traces and finds out the reasons for the failure of normal production, and organizes and coordinates various departments to solve problems in a timely manner. Finally, after a week's efforts, the problem of the project was completely solved.

Steady and diligent Zhou Yanling has been affirmed by the leaders and colleagues. In 2017, Zhou Yanling became a project engineer with more responsibilities, but his determination to do a good job has not changed. With the development of the company, Zhou Yanling is responsible for many projects. Although the task is heavy, she never complains and often works overtime for her work.

On weekdays, according to the production situation, Zhou Yanling earnestly and meticulously compiles the project schedule, and continuously monitors and tracks it; organizes meetings to sort out and track the list of project problems and assignment of tasks, and timely informs the project team of the completion and coordination of project resources. Her projects are always arranged in an orderly manner, various problems have been tracked and solved in time, project risks have been effectively managed and controlled, ensuring the timely production of products.


Zhou Yanling's outstanding work performance was regarded by the leaders and colleagues. At the Huguang commendation conference in 2019, Zhou Yanling was awarded the honorary title of 'excellent staff' by the company and won glorious honor.

Let's continue to stand on our posts, keep a positive and enterprising attitude, and write more splendid chapters for the new development of Huguang under the guidance of the role models and the spirit of 'model workers'.

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