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Confident and optimistic, dedicated and loyal——Excellent squad leader Zhang Jiaqin

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日期: 2018-07-23

'Wang Liming, there must be a few points when paying attention to the wire bundle staple. First, the staple rubber is a package. It is necessary to wrap the staple head, press the edge of the staple, and make two bottoms, and finally the card. The nail is wound around 2~3 turns.' While talking, Zhang Jiaqin picks up the wire harness and wraps it with a skillful nail wrapping method, and carefully and carefully explains the operation specifications and essentials!

This is the scene that the 19-line production site of the second project of Huguang Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will happen every day. As the squad leader, Zhang Jiaqin is pondering how to improve the production efficiency and ensure the quality of the team. She also gave full play to her own professional skills, provoked the burden of training new employees, followed the teaching, allowing them to adapt to the position in the shortest time, into the team, and exert their strength. When Zhang Jiaqin was mentioned, the leader’s evaluation of her was: self-confidence and optimism, dedication and love, always able to lead by example, using personality charm, uniting team members, and driving everyone to make progress together!

Confident and optimistic, dedicated and loyal——Excellent squad leader Zhang Jiaqin

In February 2013, Zhang Jiaqin officially entered the work of Huguang, and successively engaged in multiple first-line production positions in the pre-engineering and post-engineering of the second plant. No matter what position she has, she has been consistent for five years. She is always confident and optimistic, always smiling, full of enthusiasm for life and work, and strict with self-discipline, always demanding herself with high standards.

Starting from the details of daily work, Zhang Jiaqin strictly abides by the company's disciplines and rules and regulations. She never goes late and never leaves early. She also obeys orders, listens to leadership arrangements, accepts tempering and research in multiple positions, and seizes every opportunity. Ask the teacher. Tiandao rewards diligence, Zhang Jiaqin diligently learns more, practice makes perfect, and the post-graduate grows gradually into a post-acquisition and expert, and grows into the production backbone of the team, the backbone!

Opportunities are always dedicated and prepared. In mid-2017, Huguang Manufacturing Second Factory selected female squad leader as the key training target. Zhang Jiaqin won the leadership and workers with his outstanding work performance and solid job skills. Unanimous recognition. In January 2018, Zhang Jiaqin was officially promoted to the squad leader of the 19 production line after the second plant, responsible for leading and managing 23 team members. Undoubtedly, the burden and responsibility on her shoulders are heavy and heavy, but the same is always her initial heart!

Confident and optimistic, dedicated and loyal——Excellent squad leader Zhang Jiaqin

As a class leader, Zhang Jiaqin is well aware of the importance of 'leading by example.' In her own words, 'As a squad leader, he must have everything, or how to ask other employees.' She provokes the burden of training new employees, and teaches her own job skills and operational skills, and leads the team members to participate in various learning and training, and strive to improve the team's business skills. In the skill competition conducted by the No. 2 Factory in May, many of the participating employees of the Zhang Jiaqin team performed well, and Comrade Fang Mingyue won the second prize in the Interpolation Competition!

Although the road is awkward, it is not impossible; things are small, not impossible. The Zhang Jiaqin team insisted on opening each morning meeting, including the day's production work focus, production task division, and production task objectives, which will be arranged and implemented. At the same time, Zhang Jiaqin also used the morning meeting to timely convey to the team members the spirit of the important production meeting of the second factory, leadership instructions, safety production knowledge, establish a sense of honor and disgrace, constantly enhance the sense of urgency of the team members and grab production and safety awareness.

She also attaches great importance to the construction and management of the team. From time to time, the team activities are carried out to enhance communication and understanding, and to create a harmonious and united and positive team atmosphere. During her tenure as squad leader, she also encountered doubts from individual team members, but she did not treat it negatively, but she actively communicated and communicated in a proactive manner, and resolved her differences with women's unique affinity and conscientious and courageous work performance. Everyone's unanimous support has made the work of the team flourish!

Under the leadership of Zhang Jiaqin, the members of the production line team of the second factory after the manufacture of the second factory are united and united, and have a strong team execution and combat capability, exceeding the production tasks of each stage!

According to the statistics of the production department of the second factory, since Zhang Jiaqin served as the squad leader in January 2018, the team has made great progress and rapid momentum on the basis of the original results. The production efficiency has reached 123% in mid-July 2018, a record high, and 2018. Year-to-date customer complaints and complaints have not been received, and the PPM value has dropped to 2,727 in June, achieving a double harvest of product output and quality. The Zhang Jiaqin team also won the best “3 Star Team” for several months in the monthly performance evaluation of the 21 teams in the second factory.

Confident and optimistic, dedicated and loyal——Excellent squad leader Zhang Jiaqin

The original weak 5S link of the team, after Zhang Jiaqin served as the squad leader, also made great progress. In the third week of July, the bright red banner was hanging on the production site of the team, which fully proved their efforts and intentions for the 5S work. Before leaving work every day, Zhang Jiaqin led the team members to follow the 5S management requirements of the company's production site, carefully cleaned up the production site, did not clean and clean, never left work, so that the production site was free of dirty corners, green channels without debris, safety and sanitation facilities, and employees The behavior is more standardized, and the company's various safety disciplines and labor disciplines are strictly enforced.

This is Zhang Jiaqin. With her love for Huguang, her dedication to work, her self-confidence and optimistic attitude towards life, she sets an example and organizes team members to learn together and make progress together to lead a hard-working and dare to fight. A hard team that is hard-working and hard-working. We look forward to and hope that Zhang Jiaqin is writing an inspiring song of dedication with youth, and will sway his sweat in his favorite career. She will make new contributions to the development of Huguang, and it will also affect more. “Huguang People” will face work and life with a more positive and optimistic attitude!

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