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Huguang: Focus on “smart manufacturing” and steadily climb the industry's high-end value chain

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日期: 2018-04-20

In the situation that the competition in the automotive wire harness industry is becoming more and more fierce, Huguang still maintains a momentum of rapid development and rapid development! Recently, the Huguang business unit once again sent good news. The SAIC Volkswagen BSUV Coupe project was fixed, and another new model of wire harness products settled in Huguang. Huguang has become the main supplier of SAIC Volkswagen wire harness products, and the market prospect is extremely broad!

The signing of the SAIC Volkswagen BSUV Coupe project by Huguang is of great significance. This marks the intelligent production plant of the automotive wiring harness and the leading parts research data, the harness development capability and the experimental verification capability of Huguang. It is further recognized that the two sides will join forces based on their respective strengths and will create unlimited possibilities in the future!

Huguang: Focus on “smart manufacturing” and steadily climb the industry's high-end value chain

In March 30th, the chief economist of the National Bureau of statistics came to Huguang to visit.

 As a symbol of modern industry, smart manufacturing has formed a strong industrial driving force. In recent years, Huguang has reviewed the situation and closely followed the pulse of the times, firmly grasped the new historical development opportunities, enthusiastically responded to the 'China Manufacturing 2025' planning strategy development requirements, innovated and changed, made intelligent manufacturing, and steadily climbed the industry's high-end value chain. Rejuvenate in the tide of the market economy!

In the traditional manufacturing transformation, Huguang has the courage and determination to dare to break the boat, so that the company has experienced the self-renewal of innovation and improvement. Huguang invested heavily in the creation of “machine substitution” and “smart factory”, and reached in-depth cooperation with world-renowned companies such as ABB, KUKA and Siemens, using industrial robots, customized automated production equipment and management software to realize the whole process of automotive wiring harness products. Automated and intelligent production, including automated warehousing, logistics and assembly systems, has created an intelligent production and manufacturing platform integrating warehouse management, data acquisition and monitoring, production execution and engineering design to achieve production efficiency, product quality and intelligent manufacturing level. The rapid increase!



Nowadays, the “Grand View Garden”, which is located in the Huguang raw material warehouse and production workshop, seems to be in the robot and intelligent manufacturing. It is amazing: all the robots, robots and automated traction vehicles are working efficiently, and the smart cars are followed one by one. They are parked next to raw materials of different colors and specifications, and are automatically identified by system instructions to complete the loading and transportation work, which is orderly and more efficient.

Huguang: Focus on “smart manufacturing” and steadily climb the industry's high-end value chain

On September 14, 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the third batch of smart manufacturing pilot demonstration lists, which are well-known on the Huguang list. “Huguangren” is proud of its automotive wiring harness smart factory has been rated as a national-level intelligent manufacturing pilot model enterprise.

On February 28, 2018, Kunshan held a conference to accelerate innovation and transformation to promote high-quality development. Huguang was awarded the commendation of the Kunshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and was awarded the honorary title of “Top Ten Intelligent Transformation Enterprise” in Kunshan City from 2016 to 2017, and became the municipal party committee of Kunshan City. The government's transformation and innovation and development of the 'six-year action plan' of the firm practitioners and Kunshan private enterprises to accelerate innovation and transformation to promote the high-quality development of the example!

Huguang: Focus on “smart manufacturing” and steadily climb the industry's high-end value chain

In addition, Huguang focused on “intelligent manufacturing” and “smart manufacturing”, strengthened technological transformation, and unswervingly promoted the construction of intelligent factories. It also won the partners of German Volkswagen, Daimler-Benz, GM, SAIC Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, Baowo Auto, Chery Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile and other car companies have been “liked” and have been rated as A-level suppliers by German Volkswagen for many years. In 2017, they were rated as excellent suppliers by Mercedes-Benz. The more popular the “Friends Circle” of Huguang, the more strategic cooperation with more world auto giants, the continuous rise of the industry's high-end value chain, and the promotion of enterprise innovation and transformation, high-quality development!

In today's era, only the innovators enter, only the focus is strong, only the winners win! Today's 'Huguang People' is based on the present and has a high morale. They are brave enough to be in the midst of the market economy. They are brave enough to take the wind and the tide, and bravely take the responsibility and backbone of the national enterprises and dare to write 'China's wisdom.' 'A new chapter has contributed to the rise of the Chinese nation's industry!

We believe that Huguang will take the opportunity of 'Made in China 2025' and 'Intelligent Manufacturing' to go to the world, realize the enterprise vision of 'Where there are cars, there are Huguang wiring harnesses' and achieve the cause of spreading the world!

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