job Recruitment Position
  Here are a number of posts for Huguang company, which can give full play to their potential.
Three dimensional Engineer
Post Requirements

1.Male and female, age 25-35, CET-4.

2.College degree or above, major in automotive or electromechanical engineering.

3.More than 3 years working experience and more than 1 years experience in automotive wiring harness design.

4.Skillful use of Catia, Elena, UG and other software.

5.Good communication skills, good English, strong pressure and teamwork spirit.

6.Proficiency in office software, including WORD, PPT, EXCEL, etc.

Post Duties

1.Responsible for the design of vehicle wiring harness 3D.

2.Responsible for vehicle layout scheme.

3.Responsible for the matching of electrical principle and 3D.

4.Responsible for data inspection.

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