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  Here are a number of posts for Huguang company, which can give full play to their potential.
Sample Line Engineer


Post Requirements

1.Not limited to men and women, age 25-35.

2.More than 2 years experience in trial production of similar project management line (experience in production planning is preferred).

3.Proficient in project management PDM system (after learning from the company).

4.We can use 5M1E to analyze sample production requirements and organize reviews.

5.Good communication and coordination ability, strong pressure and team leadership.

6.Team spirit, good organization and coordination.

Post Duties

1.Organize various departments to conduct sample line review, evaluate the resources before sampling (whether people, machines, materials, methods, etc.) can meet customer's requirements.

2.Coordinate the resources of each department to ensure that the sample line is delivered on time.

3.Whether the monitoring sample line is in line with the production process of the sample line.

4.Record point closure of tracking sample line problem.

5.According to the method of sampling management, the responsibility department shall be examined, and the issuance of weekly sample line report shall be released.

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