job Recruitment Position
  Here are a number of posts for Huguang company, which can give full play to their potential.
Technical Engineer


Post Requirements

Technical Engineer

Post Duties

1. Process planning: responsible for the research of new technology and new method; responsible for the project process development investment budget; responsible for completing the site layout of the new project; responsible for the production capacity planning; responsible for the personnel needs analysis;

2, process development: responsible for the development of project development plan and update; responsible for the process plan formulation; responsible for the evaluation of the equipment processing capacity of the project; responsible for the new process, new method identification and design; responsible for the process flow chart of each stage, the compilation and updating of the PFMEA, the control plan, and the maintenance and improvement of the parameter verification and so on; Responsible for raw material cost optimization; responsible for database construction; responsible for improvement of process; responsible for error proofing and staying idle; responsible for balancing rate and improvement.

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